November 2022

We've Moved to the Big Island of Hawaii

After providing continuous service to our loyal clients for nearly 20 years, we sincerely regret that we must close our Oahu doors in November 2022. Due to a series of unfortunate events, it is no longer feasible to remain open here. Our lease is up and instead of renewing we will be moving to the Big Island where we live.

We realize this closing will cause hardships and potentially an end to our years of working together for many Oahu clients. In the long run, this is the move we must make in order to salvage our business and regain our work-life balance. For our Oahu clients should you choose to stay with us, you will move to a ‘ship-to’ model leveraging Air Cargo and/or Courier services. This is what our outer-island clients have successfully done through the years. Analyses that have short hold-times, or are large and heavy shipments, will likely be driven to ship via Air Cargo. Others may be able to leverage FedEx, UPS or USPS express for shipments to our location. We will work closely with you as you transition to these new procedures.

We will be discontinuing some of the analyses we previously offered as they are either heavily supply driven, and/or are more intricate and time intensive than our lab space and minimal staff can handle at our new location. Details and logistics are still being worked out. We do however want to inform you of this very big change so that you can begin to make arrangements and sort out logistics for your continued testing. Whether you remain with us or not, we are deeply indebted to your support through the years!

With much gratitude and thanks, ~Mandy & Wendy